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Montessori has been proven to work in our nation's public schools. The Riley Institute's landmark, four-year study of Montessori education in South Carolina’s public schools was released in January 2018, and the results provide strong support for public Montessori programming. You can access the study's executive summary here.



Montessori pedagogy is aligned with STEM / STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) and many consider Montessori to be the ideal "entrepreneurship education" for a generation that will enter into an economy rooted in technology and freelance work. The founders of Google, Amazon, and Wikipedia all attended Montessori programs. (Source)



We believe in equity and opportunity for all children. Public Montessori programs can close the achievement gap especially for children from low-income backgrounds. (Source) There is also peer-reviewed evidence that Montessori Preschool elevates and equalizes child outcomes. (Source)



Studies have found that there are lower levels of racially disproportionate discipline in Montessori schools. (Source) In addition, according to the Riley study, Montessori students are significantly less likely than similar non-Montessori students to have had a disciplinary incident during the school year. (Source)