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ABOUT Orcas Montessori Advocacy for Public Schools (MAPS)


We are a group of concerned parents, educators, and community members who believe in the promise of public school, the power of Montessori education, and the importance of equity for all children.

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You can download a copy of our poster here. Please print and distribute widely.

Our Hope


For children to succeed in the future, they need creativity, imagination, intrinsic motivation, and the ability to collaborate with others. Montessori helps with all of these. It is a more personalized, differentiated approach that allows children to engage in real life problems in a hands-on way.

We ask OISD Superintendent Eric Webb to retain the first- through third-grade Montessori classroom for one more year, during which time parents can partner with the administration and teachers to study what’s best for our children’s future.

The community wants Montessori and alternative learning methods. We stand for more choices for children, and ask you to stand with us. 


Montessori Matters to Our Community

I firmly believe that keeping the Montessori program in the public school system benefits the children and all of Orcas Island. Children need the opportunity to choose a style of education that suits their learning nature and Montessori offers a valuable option along with the fine public system.
— Cindy Ceteras
My child is thriving as a Montessori student at the Orcas Island Elementary School. Let’s keep this highly successful program alive so other children can benefit as well.
— Jen Vollmer
Montessori, fundamentally, is an inclusive program adaptable to many types of learners across a spectrum of ability. It promotes empathy and support in the classroom and focuses on guiding children along a path of becoming capable and independent young people. This program has long been a source of pride for our School District and has proven to be a bridge between ‘alternative’ and ‘mainstream’ methods. My children do and will attend the public schools. We are committed to their health and effectiveness, and Montessori has and should be a part of that equation.
— Regan Vaughn
Both of my children attended Montessori and Waldorf schools. They have grown into highly conscious and caring individuals, in service to their communities. We need the wisdom of Maria Montessori inculcated in our youth, for the next 7 generations. Our planet is in need of those who have a respect for themselves, for others, and for nature. I support the continuation of all Montessori programs on Orcas.
— Francine Slaton
The Montessori materials support hands on learning, curiosity, self confidence, and community. Let’s work together to find a solution so more students can benefit.
— Lili Hein
Our public Montessori program has offered an incredible experience for both my children... a diverse and supportive learning environment that nourishes their creativity and challenges them to grow and excel at their own unique paces...After experiencing challenges in traditional classrooms, we tried homeschooling and found it too was not a fit for us, but this program met us perfectly. At times both children were so engaged in weekly classroom activities they were actually bummed to have the weekend off! What if, rather than phasing it out, we expanded this program to meet the demands of all the families who want or need an alternative?
— erica ekrem